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Advanced Networks PDW: Cutting-Edge Social Network Theoretical Work and ERGM Workshop - AOM 2019

  • 1.  Advanced Networks PDW: Cutting-Edge Social Network Theoretical Work and ERGM Workshop - AOM 2019

    Posted 07-08-2019 14:19


    We hope you'll join us for the Advanced Networks PDW: Cutting-Edge Social Network Theoretical Work and ERGM Workshop on Saturday, August 10, 2019 from 12:30PM - 4:30PM at Sheraton Boston Hotel, Independence West.

    This is program submission 11993, session 414. There is NO COST to attend the PDW and pre-registration is not required, but it is preferred. Light refreshments will be provided by the LINKS Center for Social Network Analysis at the University of Kentucky. This PDW is sponsored by the OB Division, in collaboration with the OMT, STR, and CM Divisions.

    Social networks is a field of study that focuses on relations among a set of actors. Network researchers have developed a set of distinctive theoretical perspectives and methodological techniques for collecting data, statistical analysis, and visual representation. This PDW's goals are to:

    • Present on the future of the field in a plenary format
    • Conduct an introductory workshop on the use of exponential random graph (ERGM), stochastic actor-oriented (SAOM), and relational event (REM) models
    • Facilitate interaction among researchers engaged in network research through the use of small group roundtables

    Workshop Format:

    We'll begin with presentations in a plenary format by senior researchers illustrating the new directions in which SNA is moving. We then break out the workshop into two groups, based on interest: 1) the introductory methods workshop on the use of ERGM, SAOM, and REM models by Eric Quintane; or, 2) small group research discussion roundtables with prominent SNA scholars.

    If you're interested in attending the Advanced Networks PDW, please take a few (1-3) minutes to fill out this brief survey by clicking the link below:


    In the survey, you'll let us know whether you intend to attend either the Methods Session or the Round Table Discussion Session. Those interested in being matched with prominent SNA scholars will be able to select which social network scholar they prefer to be matched with. Below are descriptions of the sessions:

    • Methods Session. The workshop encompasses three parts. First, participants will gain an intuitive understanding of why, and when, ERGMs are appropriate tools to model social networks; what ERGMs can do, and what they cannot do. ERGMs are statistical models that predict the presence/absence of ties. Second, participants will learn the typical process used to specify, estimate, evaluate and interpret an ERGM, using an empirical example. Third, participants will be provided with criteria to decide when to use ERGMs, Stochastic Actor Oriented Models (SAOM) and Relational Event Models (REM), as well as the key characteristics of the frameworks. At the end of the workshop, participants should have gained sufficient criteria to evaluate which statistical framework should be used for their research project and to assess the appropriateness of the use of ERGMs from a theoretical, methodological and empirical perspective when reviewing an article.
    • The Round Table Discussion Session matches participants with prominent social network scholars based on similar research interests. Participants will be in small groups (2-5 people) with a social network scholar and will have the opportunity to ask any questions they have.

    If you have any questions about the Advanced Networks PDW, please contact Seong Won Yang, Univ. of Kentucky (sw.yang@uky.edu).

    Organizers: Joe Labianca, Courtney Hart, Seong Won Yang, Jyoti P. Gupta, Jason Ross (U. of Kentucky), and Eric Quintane (Los Andes University)

    Jyoti P. Gupta
    University of Kentucky