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Publishing in AMJ: Tips from the Editors (Session 173)

  • 1.  Publishing in AMJ: Tips from the Editors (Session 173)

    Posted 07-23-2021 11:58

    Publishing in AMJ: Tips from the Editors (Session 173)


    Please join us on Friday, July 30, 2021 2:00 - 5:00PM EDT (UTC-4) for a synchronous live session on Publishing in AMJ.




    Welcome: Laszlo Tihanyi, Editor

    Publishing Micro Papers in AMJ – Elizabeth Umphress, AMJ Associate Editor

    Publishing Macro Papers in AMJ – Matthew Semadeni, AMJ Associate Editor


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    (Two 30-minute sessions)


    Topic (link to materials)

    AMJ  Hosts

    Associate Editors

    Editorial Board Members

    Writing "The Hook"

    Lindred Greer
    University of Michigan

    Daphne W. Yiu

    University of Oklahoma

    Priyanka Dwivedi

    Texas A&M University

    Charles Stevens

    Lehigh University

    Articulating the Theoretical Contribution

    Andrew Carton
    University of Pennsylvania

    Denis Grégoire
    HEC Montreal

    MK Chin

    Indiana University

    Insiya Hussain

    University of Texas at Austin

    Tony Kong

    University of South Florida

    Connecting Theory to Empirics

    Floor Rink
    University of Groningen

    Marco Tortoriello
    Bocconi University

    Bert Cannella

    Texas A&M University

    Nadine Kammerlander

    WHU Germany

    Micro Empirical Issues

    Andrew Knight
    Washington University in St. Louis

    Ingo Weller
    LMU Munich

    Allie Gabriel

    University of Arizona

    Cristiano Guarana

    Indiana University

    Macro Empirical Issues

    Luis Diestre
    IE Business School Madrid

    Gurneeta Vasudeva
    University of Minnesota

    Alessandro Piazza

    Rice University

    Addressing Practical Implications

    Amanda Cowen
    University of Virginia

    Ivona Hideg
    York University

    Brett Anitra Gilbert

    American University

    Emily Grijalva

    University of Buffalo

    Responding to Reviewer Comments

    Cindy Muir
    University of Notre Dame

    Matthew Semadeni
    Arizona State University

    JR Keller

    Cornell University

    Jon Jachimowicz

    Harvard University

    Traci Sitzmann

    University of Colorado (Denver)

    Qualitative Research

    Jennifer Howard-Grenville
    University of Cambridge

    Tammar B. Zilber
    Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Charlotte Cloutier

    HEC Montreal

    Transparency/Data Best Practices

    Ilya Cuypers
    Singapore Management University

    Elizabeth Umphress
    University of Washington

    Lindie Liang

    Wilfrid Laurier University

    Ute Stephan

    King's College London

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Considerations for Research

    Katherine DeCelles
    University of Toronto

    Laszlo Tihanyi
    Rice University

    Abbie Oliver

    University of Virginia

    Jo-Ellen Pozner

    Santa Clara University


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    Panel Discussion: Reviewing for AMJ featuring the 2020 Best Reviewer Award recipients


    Moderator: Jennifer Howard-Grenville, University of Cambridge


    Brianna Caza University of North Carolina, Greensboro

    Benjamin Cole, Fordham University

    Danny Gamache, University of Georgia

    Marie Mitchell, University of Georgia

    Mario Schijven, University of Illinois

    Maxim Voronov, York University

    Ned Wellman, Arizona State University


    Denis Gregoire
    Associate Professor
    HEC Montréal
    Montéal QC