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SAP Reading Club "Behind the Scenes" Series 2021-2022

  • 1.  SAP Reading Club "Behind the Scenes" Series 2021-2022

    Posted 10-11-2021 13:27

    ****Apologies for cross-posting****

    A quick reminder from the SAP Reading club. 

    The first event in the SAP Reading Club new series Behind the Scenes, Writing for practitioners with Eric Knight and Jarryd Daymond, will be held on 20th October. 

    In this one-hour interactive session, Eric Knight and Jarryd Daymond will discuss the process behind their recent publication, co-authored by Sotirios Paroutis, Design-Led Strategy: How to Bring Design Thinking into the Art of Strategic Management at California Management Review. The session is scheduled for 9pm Sydney (https://timezonewizard.com/). 

    Please register your interest HERE and save the zoom link. 

    We are looking forward to seeing you all. 

    Katelynn, Qian, Renate, and Madalina
    AOM Strategizing Activities and Practices Interest Group Interest Group - Community Building Activities

    Feel free to contact us:
    Katelynn Sell, ksell@wtamu.edu
    Qian Li, QLi002@dundee.ac.uk
    Renate Kratochvil, renate.kratochvil@bi.no
    Madalina Pop, madast@btech.au.dk

    Qian Li
    University of Dundee