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Call for Contributors :Published Book Exploring Contemporary Concepts in Innovation

  • 1.  Call for Contributors :Published Book Exploring Contemporary Concepts in Innovation

    Posted 09-10-2019 06:45
    ​​Are you interested in contributing to an edited book on the challenging topic of innovation?  We are drawing together key experts in academia, business and professional services for this book, which will be published as part of the new Routledge Series on Ideas in Business and Management, edited by Professor Stewart Clegg (www.routledge.com/Key-Ideas-in-Business-and-Management/book-series/KEYBUS).

    We are compiling this book because everywhere we turn these days we see technological change and innovation, and yet it remains an elusive concept. Innovation took humans to the moon, and then put more computer power than early space travel into our smartphones.  The study of innovation reveals not one perspective but many, sometimes intersecting but more often compartmentalised. While it may be viewed from disciplinary perspectives as diverse as science and technology, economics and management and culture and creativity, the approach of the handbook is that innovation can only be understood as a complex and multi-dimensional phenomenon.

    The handbook will include five broad sections with the following thematic headings:

    1. Origins of innovation: key definitions and evolution of research and policy
    2. Innovation management: strategies, culture, performance, incremental vs radical innovation
    3. Organisational innovation: business models, services, entrepreneurship and creativity
    4. Boundaryless innovation: ecosystems and clusters, open innovation, geography of innovation
    5. Future agendas: digital disruption, capability building, workplace of the future

    We aim to have a team of high calibre authors during October 2019. To become involved -       

    • Submit an abstract of around 500 words on any of the above five topics with names and affiliation of the authors by October 9 2019.

    A review process will shortlist prospective contributions.  We will target first drafts of chapter submissions for January 2020 and final versions by March 2020. The provisional publishing date is third quarter 2020.

    The editorial team for this book will be Associate Professor Renu Agarwal (renu.agarwal@uts.edu.au), Professor Roy Green (roy.green@uts.edu.au), Eric Patterson (epatterson@deloitte.com.au) and Sancheeta Pugalia (sancheeta.pugalia@uts.edu.au).

    We look forward to hearing from you soon!


    Associate Professor Renu Agarwal, Professor Roy Green, Eric Patterson and Sancheeta Pugalia

    Editorial team for Book on Innovation, Routledge Series on Ideas in Business and Management


    Renu Agarwal
    University of Technology Sydney
    Broadway, Sydney
    +61 2 9514 3624