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AoM 2019 PDW on External Enablers of Entrepreneurial Activity

  • 1.  AoM 2019 PDW on External Enablers of Entrepreneurial Activity

    Posted 07-10-2019 05:17

    AoM 2019 PDW on External Enablers of Entrepreneurial Activity


    Program Session: 363 | Submission: 10618 | Saturday, Aug 10 2019 10:15AM - 12:15PM | Boston Marriott Copley Place, Grand Ballroom Salon ABC. Link: https://my.aom.org/program2019/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=10618


    Please join us for our PDW on External Enablers (EE)! The PDW is free of charge and does not require pre-registration. However, the combination of "hot" topic and attractive timing suggests being there a bit ahead of time to secure a seat might be a good idea.


    The workshop will have two parts: 1) a set of short presentations to introduce the EE concept and current research on it and 2) a design workshop where you will work with others to come up with creative ideas for research on EEs.


    The External Enabler (EE) construct was introduced as unifying term for various types of significant, environmental change that can have a crucial role in making new types of product, services, and organizations possible. The EE notion has recently been employed in several high-profile studies (e.g., Bennett, 2018, JBV; Browder et al., 2019; JBV; Frederiks et al., 2018, JBV; Leten et al., 2016, JMS; Nambisan, 2017, ETP; Obschonka & Audretsch, 2019, SBEJ; von Briel et al., 2018, ETP). Davidsson et al. (2018, AMP) offer a framework for future EE research. The following presenters will briefly present on-going research on EEs at the PDW:


    Daniel Bennett (Baylor U.): Infrastructural and Regulatory Enablers and Disablers.

    Dominic Chalmers (U. of Glasgow): Blockchain Technology as an External Enabler of New Ventures in the Music Industry.

    Christina Hertel (EPFL): External Enablement of Community Entrepreneurship.

    Richard A. Hunt (Virginia Tech,): Demand-Side Enablement of New Business.

    Tatiana Iakovleva (U. of Stavanger): Digitalization as Enabler of Firm Innovation Capacity.




    Per Davidsson & Frederik von Briel (PDW organizers)


    Per Davidsson | Professor | Talbot Family Foundation Chair in Entrepreneurship, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACE) | QUT Business School (Management) | QUT | Phone: +61 7 3138 2051 | Email: per.davidsson@qut.edu.au CRICOS No. 00213J