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Temporality of entrepreneurial opportunity: Symposium July 24

  • 1.  Temporality of entrepreneurial opportunity: Symposium July 24

    Posted 22 days ago

    Dear entrepreneurship division colleagues,

    I wanted to reach out to let you know about a virtual symposium on the temporality of entrepreneurial opportunities that some colleagues and I will be hosting on July 24 in advance of the AoM conference.

    We think that entrepreneurial opportunities-as situations (e.g., Shane & Venkataraman, 2000), social constructs (e.g., Alvarez & Barney, 2007) and/or objects of entrepreneurial discourse (e.g., Cornelissen and Clarke, 2010)-have something to do with a contrast between the status quo (i.e. the past) and the imagined future which may be realized through action in the present. But we've noticed that the entrepreneurship literature rarely deals explicitly or directly with the relationship between entrepreneurial opportunities and the passage of time (e.g., process time, historical time, clock time, etc.). 

    Join us on July 24, 2020 at 8 AM Pacific Time for a panel discussion and dialogue on the question-how does an explicit focus on time, temporality or history shape the way you conceptualize and study entrepreneurial opportunity? 

    Panelists include Dimo Dimov, David Kirsch, Jacqueline Kirtley, Tanja Leppäaho, Rob Mitchell, Dan Raff, Andrew Smith, Dan Wadhwani and Matt Wood.

    Here the link to participate in the session. The meeting ID is 986 4484 7268. The password for the meeting will be ENT&Time. Upon joining the meeting, you will be prompted to provide your consent to participating in a recorded meeting. We will be posting a video recording of this meeting for further discussion and engagement as an asynchronous event of the Academy of Management annual meeting co-hosted by the entrepreneurship and management history divisions.

    Best regards,


    Trevor Israelsen
    PhD Candidate
    University of Victoria
    Victoria, BC

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    Posted 21 days ago
    For the upcoming symposium on temporality of entrepreneurial opportunity, here are a couple citations that might be of interest to participants....

    Barbara Bird and I co-edited a special issue of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice on "Time and Entrepreneurship" (1997, volume 22). There are several interesting papers in this edition.

    One paper in this issue, authored by Dale Meyer and me, drew upon Bird's previous work on "future time scale" to measure temporal propensities of top management team members in tech companies. There appear to be interesting differences among managers within the same team, and these differences have pronounced performance effects. 

    West, G. P., III & Meyer, G. D.  1997.  Temporal dimensions of opportunistic change in new ventures.  Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 22, 31-52.

    Recently Pat Dickson and I did a review of the contribution of Bird's 1988 AMR article "Operations of intention in time." There is much in her work that can inform this conversation.

    West, G. P. III & Dickson, Pat H. 2018. Intending to implement entrepreneurship research: Thirty years after Bird (1988). In G. Javadian, V. K. Gupta, D. K. Dutta, G. C. Guo, A. E. Osorio, B. Ozkazanc- Pan (Eds.),  Foundational Research in Entrepreneurship Studies: Insightful Contributions and Future Pathways, pp. 127-154. Palgrave MacMillan: New York.

    Best to all, and stay safe!


    Page West, Ph.D.
    Professor, Strategy & Entrepreneurship
    School of Business, Farrell Hall 387
    Wake Forest University
    1834 Wake Forest Road
    Winston-Salem, NC   27106  USA

    336.577.5621 (mobile)

    Strategic Management 6e (2020)

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    Posted 17 days ago



    Those interested in the theme of this Symposium may be interested in Fulfilling the Process Promise: A Review and Agenda for New Venture Creation Process Research, published online by ETP just a couple of days ago.


    Regrettably, this very interesting Symposium will happen at 1 am Saturday morning here in Queensland, Australia, so I may not be game for real-time participation.  


    Best Regards,




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