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Symposium on Emotions and Entrepreneurship

  • 1.  Symposium on Emotions and Entrepreneurship

    Posted 07-28-2020 11:44


    We are excited to invite you to join the symposium on "Emotions and Entrepreneurship: The Road Traveled, Boundary Conditions, and New Approaches" at the 80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management.


    The symposium is scheduled as an asynchronous session. Presentation materials will be available during and after the conference (until August 31). Attendees view and discuss using a virtual asynchronous chat that is available throughout the conference with no time limitations.


    The symposium consists of six video presentations and supplementary documents. The presentations are:


    • Introduction to the symposium by Melissa Cardon
    • "Taking the Pulse: State of the (He)art of Entrepreneurial Emotion Research" By Cardon, Gupta, Javadian, Batra, and Gupta
    • "Affect and Personal Initiative Among Early-Stage Entrepreneurs: A Dual Tuning Perspective' By Uy, Jacob, Geilnik, Lagdameo, Miclat, and Osi
    • "Entrepreneurial Envy: A Mixed-Blessing for Entrepreneurial Action?" By Carnevale, McSweeney, McSweeney, and Tucker
    • "Where There is No Shame, There is No Honor: Can Shame Help Entrepreneurs Rebound from Failure?", Lin, Zhang, Yang, and Zhan
    • " It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It: Emotional Vocal Cues in Entrepreneurial Pitching Outcomes", Ormiston, Iren, Kaminski, Rostock, and Bromuri



    Interest among entrepreneurship researchers in emotional issues is growing in recognition of the role emotions play in the entrepreneurial process (Shepherd, 2016). A large number of studies on emotions in entrepreneurship examine categories of emotions such as positive or negative affect, moods, or feelings as antecedents to, boundary conditions of, and/or a consequences of, the entrepreneurial process at individual or multiple levels of analysis (Foo, Uy, & Baron , 2009). Yet the study of affect and emotions in entrepreneurship is still an emerging domain. There has been limited work challenging the quality of affect- based scholarship in entrepreneurship with regard to utilization of methodologies or conceptualization of emotions, both of which deserve attention. Further, entrepreneurs experience significant and persistent dilemmas when it comes to experiencing and displaying their emotions, as well as managing and reacting to employees' or other stakeholders' emotions. There is, therefore, a need to understand the role of affect, emotions, moods, or feelings at different stages of entrepreneurship and/or at different levels of analysis. It is also useful to pause and take stock of the progress being made in the field to identify what is silent or misrepresented in the growing 'emotions and entrepreneurship' literature. There is also a need to provide greater insight into the ways in which entrepreneurs resolve various emotional dilemmas.


    We look forward to your thoughts, comments and questions!


    The organizers,

    Melissa Cardon, Alka Gupta, Golshan Javadian, Safal Batra and Vishal Gupta

    Golshan Javadian
    Morgan State University