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Midwest Academy of Management - Conference & Doctoral Consortium

  • 1.  Midwest Academy of Management - Conference & Doctoral Consortium

    Posted 09-29-2020 23:04

    Dear Colleagues,

    You are invited to attend the


    Hosted by the Midwest Board Virtually

    October 26-30, 2020


     "Scholarship in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous World"

    Highlights for this year's conference include:
    - Opportunities to network, socialize and connect in new ways
    - Global networking in our Doctoral Consortium
    - Opportunities to engage with Journal editors and editorial teams from the following journals:

    Paul Hibbert, Academy of Management Learning Education
    Jen Leigh & Alex Bolinger, Journal of Management Education
    Jane Schmidt-Wilk, Management Teaching Review
    Matt Marvel, Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy
    Kerri Crowne Brannen, Organization Management Journal
    Yair Berson, Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies
    Sang-Heui Lee, Journal of Managerial Issues
    Greg Fisher, Business Horizons


    In addition to exciting research, panels and workshops we are proud to share our lineup of keynote and plenary speakers as we explore our theme. We hope you will find our lineup interesting and engaging with something for everyone.

    Conference Keynote:

    "Examining Where Leadership Science Ends and Leadership Development Begins"

    Dr. Bruce Avolio

    Professor of Management, Mark Pigott Chair in Business Strategic Leadership
    Foster School of Business, University of Washington

    The science characterizing the field of leadership has matured and broadened its focus over the last 100 years, far beyond the science of leadership development. To a large degree, leadership development research has become the "step child" of the overall field of leadership science, lagging behind in terms of both producing adequate theory and research. In my presentation, I will address the gap that exists between the science of leadership and the science of leadership development, and its implications for the leadership development practice. In my presentation, I will share some reasons why I believe this gap will persist if we don't alter course, and how we might redirect some of our efforts to promote a more robust science and practice of leadership development.

    Plenary Speakers:

    "What I Wish I'd Known Then: From Research Project to Portfolio"

    Dr. Carol Kulik
    Past Academy of Management President,
    Professor of Human Resource Management, University of South Australia Business School

    Developing standalone research projects is the easy bit. Developing a research portfolio that is personally satisfying, can be sustained over a long-term career, and has external impact – that's a lot harder. Ultimately, though, it all boils down to two fundamental questions: "Who am I?" and "What do I do?" Carol will share what she's learned about answering the "Who am I?" question and suggest a few strategies for managing the "What do I do?" question. In the session, Carol will talk about finding research "sweet spots", explain why research projects are like vegetables, and describe a few of her favorite research productivity hacks.  Be prepared to engage in a bit of self-reflection and maybe even some creative expression.


    "Race, Entrepreneurship, and COVID-19: Black Small Business Survival in Pre- and Post-Pandemic America"

    Dr. Henry C. McKoy, Jr.
    Director of Entrepreneurship, North Carolina Central University in the School of Business

    Drawing an impressive array activities and influential community, practice, government and academic positions both past and present, Dr. McKoy is well positioned to speak on the perfect storm of issues facing Black Small Business Survival in America today.


    "Leadership in a Virtual World:  How Can OB Scholarship Make a Difference?"

    Dr. Paul Tesluk
    Dean and Professor, School of Management University of Buffalo

    The global pandemic has had a profound and likely lasting impact on how we work.  It raises a host of questions regarding what makes for effective leadership in a world that is more reliant on virtual collaboration than ever before.  The field of Organizational Behavior is well suited for making important contributions to addressing these questions.  In this presentation, I will suggest ways in which OB scholarship can make a significant difference to addressing these key questions.

    "Nine minutes of leadership reflection" 

    Edward D. "Drip" Parsons
    Sergeant Major for Wounded Warrior Regiment, Creighton University's Interdisciplinary Leadership program

    In the wake of the deaths of African Americans, and other people of color, it is imperative to reflect on our leadership experiences. Our environment directly impacts organizations and how they are led. Nine minutes explores the meta thought of a leader navigating racial and social injustices.



    "Introduction to Structural Equation Methods" – a PDW workshop

    Dr. Larry Williams
    James C. and Marguerite J. Niver Chair in Business, Professor of Management, Director of CARMA

    This workshop provides an introduction to confirmatory factor analysis and latent variable structural equation methods, as applied to organizational research. These techniques will be compared to more traditional analytical approaches including exploratory factor analysis and multiple regression.  Special emphasis will be given to measurement model development and model evaluation.  Conceptual and statistical assumptions underlying latent variable analysis will be examined, as well as implementation with software programs like LISREL and LAVAAN.

    The preliminary 2020 Midwest Academy of Management Virtual Conference Program is now available on the Midwest Academy of Management website and also at the link below: https://www.mwaom.org/events/2020-midwest-academy-of-management-conference-virtual/

    The deadline to register for this year's conference is Wednesday, October 21, 2020 @ 5pm (CST).  Please note that for the 2020 conference, there will not be an option to register late or to register on the day of the conferenceMembership fee is $50, Conference Registration is offered this year at $25. 

    Our board wanted to make sure that conference participation was accessible to as many people as possible during these extraordinary times. 

    There has never been a greater year to "check out" the Midwest Academy of Management, will you join us?
    All sessions will be hosted on CST.

    Questions, Contact the Conference Team:

    Tim O. Peterson, North Dakota State University, Virtual Chair tim.o.peterson@ndsu.edu.
    Shontarius Aikens, Concordia College, Virtual Program Coordinator saikens@cord.edu.
    Jennifer Schultz, St. Mary's University jlschult@smumn.edu and Shontarius Aikens, Concordia College
    Doctoral Consortium Co-Coordinators


    Ronda Smith
    Membership Chair, Midwest Academy of Management
    Short Paper Track, Co-Chair - MAM Virtual Conference 2020
    Assistant Professor of Management
    Ball State University