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Workshop-Social Movements, Markets, and a Commons-based approach in the Digital World

  • 1.  Workshop-Social Movements, Markets, and a Commons-based approach in the Digital World

    Posted 04-28-2021 07:25

    Dear all,

    Please find below the invitation to a workshop organized by Univ. Ramon Llull, ESADE Business School. Apologies for cross-posting.

    Social Movements, Markets, and a Commons-based approach in the Digital World


    Thursday, June 10, 3:00-7:00 pm (CEST)


    Over the last years, new ways of organizing in the digital world have emerged, raising new moral concerns about the impact not only on workers and consumers, but more generally on how markets are governed and managed. This new scenario has also made possible some alternative forms of organizing, producing and consuming led by social movements, either in clear opposition to capitalistic forms or in hybrid models.


    In this workshop, we aim to explore the intersection between elements and concepts coming from studies on social movements, moral markets, a commons-based approach, and the digital commons.


    Towards this aim, we have invited prestigious speakers, who through their diverse perspectives and experiences, will provide critical theoretical and practical insights about alternative organizing in the digital age. For a more detailed description of the event, you can check the program description here. Attendance is open, but registration (either on-line or face-to-face) is needed. You can find the registration form here.


    Welcome & introduction: Daniel Arenas and Joan Rodon (ESADE)


    Panel Discussion by sessions:

    Session 1: "Social movements and moral markets" (3.05-4:20pm)

    The first session is dedicated to the different roles played by social movements and activists in the creation of moral or social-benefit markets, as well as to the co-existence of different types of moral markets, both in opposition to conventional markets and using hybrid models.


    - Panikos Georgallis (U. Amsterdam)

    - Desiré Pacheco (IESE)

    - Simone Schiller-Merkens (U. Witten/Herdecke)


    Session 2: "Alternative forms of organizing in the digital world" (4.30-5:50pm)

    In the second session, the focus will be on how different ways of organizing have emerged to respond to the moral challenges posed by the digitalization of the economy and the emergence of platform capitalism. The discussion will also deal with how these alternatives attempt to preserve some public goods and what governance mechanisms they put in place.


    -Mikkel Flyverbom (Copenhagen Business School)

    - Ali Aslan Gümüsay (Humboldt Institute for Internet & Society)

    - Marina Michelli (EU Science Hub)


    Session 3: "Opportunities and challenges of putting a commons-based approach to practice" (6.00-6:45 pm)

    The third session will be devoted to discuss cases and practices from an applied and empirical point of view. The session will be approached form a practitioners' point of view, emphasizing the opportunities and challenges in the context of the digital commons and its governance.

    Best Regards,

    Andreas Georgiou
    Univ. Ramon Llull, Esade Business School
    Institute for Social Innovation