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AOM PDW Invitation: Endogeneity: Myths, Legends, and Facts

  • 1.  AOM PDW Invitation: Endogeneity: Myths, Legends, and Facts

    Posted 07-26-2021 16:52

    *apologies for cross-posting*

    Dear Colleagues,

    We are writing to invite you to participate in the following synchronous live PDW at the upcoming AOM meeting:


    Endogeneity: Myths, Legends, and Facts
    Scheduled on August 3rd from 10 AM to 12 PM Eastern New York time (UTC-4).
    Organized by "Elle" Hyunjung Yoon and Daniel Gamache
    Guest Panelists:
    Dr. John Busenbark (U Notre Dame)
    Dr. Kenneth Frank (MSU)
    Dr. Matthew Semadeni (ASU)
    Dr. Michael Withers (Texas A&M).


    Management scholars are increasingly concerned about biases in empirical analyses from endogeneity. Failing to correctly address endogeneity may provide biased estimates, and thus, scholars strive to address endogeneity concerns in their research. Yet, scholars do not share a common understanding of endogeneity and often implement questionable solutions in response to their perceived concerns.


    In this PDW, we aim to provide a learning opportunity about different topics related to endogeneity and how to address it correctly. This PDW will be divided into two parts. Part 1 consists of a selection of presentations on different issues related to endogeneity. More specifically:


    Part 1: 4 Expert Panel Presentations (80 min)

    • Sample-induced endogeneity by Dr. John Busenbark
    • Omitted variable bias and the Impact Threshold for Confounding Variables (ITCV) by Dr. Kenneth Frank
    • Endogeneity and the interaction terms by Dr. Michael Withers
    • Editor's perspectives on addressing endogeneity by Dr. Matthew Semadeni


    Part 2: Interactive Session, including Questions from Audience and Discussion between Panelists (40 min)


    With this PDW, we hope that scholars will understand endogeneity better and learn when and how to account for endogeneity in producing high-quality, credible, and replicable scientific research. No pre-registration is needed.


    We are looking forward to virtually meeting you soon!
    "Elle" Hyunjung Yoon & Danny Gamache

    Elle Hyunjung Yoon
    University of Georgia
    Newnan GA