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Cocreating inclusive conferences for disabled academics

  • 1.  Cocreating inclusive conferences for disabled academics

    Posted 08-04-2019 20:54

    Colleagues, I would like to invite you to the following PDW on Saturday morning, for those interested in co-creating enabling conference environments. The aim of the session is to work collaboratively to identify how AoM can increase inclusion for disabled academics. Best wishes, Jannine

    Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 10 2019 10:00AM - 12:00PM at Boston Hynes Convention Center in 103


    Co-Creating Enabling Conference Environments
    Enabling Conference Environments

    Coordinator: Jannine Williams, Queensland U. of Technology
    Coordinator: David Baldridge, Oregon State U.
    Coordinator: Mark E. Moore, East Carolina U.
    Coordinator: Kathy Moore, Queensland U. of Technology
    Coordinator: Koen Van Laer, Hasselt U.
    Coordinator: Eline Jammaers, UCLouvain

    This PDW responds to the D&ITC call for proposals aimed at creating inclusive practices for AOM members and increased calls for conferences to be made more accessible (Brown & Leigh, 2018). Conferences are recognized to be important to academics' careers, yet recent research (Price, 2011; Sang, 2017; Waterfield, Beagan & Weinberg, 2018; Williams & Mavin, 2015) suggests there remain several challenges to meeting the inclusion needs of academics with disabilities. This PDW aims to engage academics with disabilities and non-disabled academics with experience of/interest in creating inclusive conferences. The PDW builds upon recent literature and the disability studies literature in general, which has identified challenges to inclusion and draws upon design thinking methodology and an ideation process that will generate creative and innovative enabling solutions to inform future practice. Whilst focused on the academic conference, outcomes from the PDW are anticipated to be generative of inclusion strategies applicable in the wider academic context.

    Jannine Williams
    Brisbane, QLD