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Live AOM PDW on Family Entrepreneurship in the Age of Digitalization

  • 1.  Live AOM PDW on Family Entrepreneurship in the Age of Digitalization

    Posted 07-22-2021 16:51

    Family Entrepreneurship in the Age of Digitalization: Balancing Proximity and Performance

    Live PDW held on Sunday, August 1, from 2:00 - 4:00 pm (eastern standard time).

    Chairs: Kathleen Randerson, Esra Memili, and Clay Dibrell

    This live PDW showcases a wide variety of pedagogical practices, tools and resources to support the digitalization of family businesses. Keeping the manager in management while digitalizing the firm is a paradox that must be managed for the long run, but its urgency is crucial at the present moment due to the pandemic and accelerated digitalization that has ensued. During hands-on activities, experts will share innovative practices and resources, with the focus on keeping the family entrepreneurially engaged with the family firm. Prior to the live PDW, attendees are encouraged to view recorded videos by experts (research and teaching & outreach) in Family Entrepreneurship (FE) who share their tips and best practices.  On Sunday (a synchronous event), attendees will discuss topics from the videos and their own backgrounds in themed break out rooms with experts and with each other. This session will provide first an excellent opportunity for current actors of FE to connect and second to collectively create a foundation of tools and practices to manage this paradox. Plus, you should be on the lookout for Easter eggs in the different videos.

    One topic per breakout room, experts will share their experience, insights, and answer questions from attendees. The workshop will be divided into two 30-minute segments to allow attendees to participate in multiple discussions. These breakouts will be followed with a live general discussion.


    The line-up of topics:

    Session 1

    1. Research Topics for Digitalization and the Pandemic, moderated by Allan Discua Cruz, Nupur Pavan Bang, and Alfredo De Massis
    2. Editors and How to Publish Digitalization topics, moderated by Esra Memeli and Nadine Kammerlander
    3. Teaching for a Dynamic Time, moderated by Mattias Nordqvist, Massimo Bau, and Dianne Welsh


    Session 2

    1. Factoring in the family, moderated by Rania Labaki (emotions), Natalia Vershinia (gender), and Allan Discu Cruz (Family entrepreneurial teams)
    2. Tools and methods for teaching, moderated by Carol Wittmeyer, Nupur Pavan Bang, and Sherri Noxel
    3. Does context matter? Moderated by Claire Seaman and Nadine Kammerlander


    Experts available to discuss with you: Céline Barrédy, Massimo Bau, Alfredo De Massis, Allan Discua Cruz, Nadine Kammerlander, Rania Labaki, Don Neubaum, Mattias Nordqvist, Sherri Noxel, Nupur Pavan Bang,  Claire Seaman, Natalia Vershinina Dianne Welsh, Carol Wittmeyer


    Clay Dibrell
    Full Professor
    The University of Mississippi