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Call for chapters: Modern Classics in Entrepreneurship Studies

  • 1.  Call for chapters: Modern Classics in Entrepreneurship Studies

    Posted 11-30-2018 06:38


    Following the publication of our edited volume, Foundational Research in Entrepreneurship Studies: Insightful Contributions and Future Pathways (Palgrave-MacMillan), where we identified key and field-forming texts that have shaped the scholarly field of entrepreneurship studies, we are anticipating publishing a new volume: Modern Classics in Entrepreneurship Studies.

    This edited scholarly volume seeks to answer the broad question as to what new, novel, and emerging research topics and questions have engaged the attention of entrepreneurship scholars post 2000? What have been the emerging topics (phenomena, theoretical frameworks, methodological innovations, and interesting research settings, among others) that are continuing to push the boundaries of entrepreneurship as a scholarly field of study?

    By highlighting these emerging, key contributions, our book takes a stance that sets it apart from scholars who have focused only on existing themes rather than those that will emerge the relationship between entrepreneurship and new technological advances, growing inequalities, gender, diversity and inclusion, and socio-political shifts in the landscape of entrepreneurial ecosystems, which a allow for critical and new conversations on entrepreneurship to take shape. As the entrepreneurship field matures, it is important to identity the novel contributions that will help shape the next decades of scholarship and scholars in providing important and timely concepts, frameworks, and approaches to the theories and practices of entrepreneurship. It is in this spirit that this book will provide discussion on cutting edge themes and approaches that are expected to shape the future of the entrepreneurship as an exciting and rigorous academic discipline.

    If you are interested in contributing a chapter, please email Banu Ozkazanc-Pan (banu.ozkazanc-pan@umb.edu) and Dev Dutta (dev.dutta@unh.edu) your information and the title of the modern classic that will be the focus of your chapter.

    The deadline to submit your chapter idea is Friday, December 14, 2018. The book proposal will be submitted to the publisher in January, 2019.

    Three modern classics already have authors/chapters in the book:

    Bird, B., & Brush, C. (2002). A gendered perspective on organizational creation. Entrepreneurship theory and practice, 26(3), 41-65.

    Chiles, T. H., Bluedorn, A. C., & Gupta, V. K. (2007). Beyond creative destruction and entrepreneurial discovery: A radical Austrian approach to entrepreneurship. Organization Studies, 28(4), 467-493.

    Dess, G. G., Ireland, R. D., Zahra, S. A., Floyd, S. W., Janney, J. J., & Lane, P. J. (2003). Emerging issues in corporate entrepreneurship. Journal of Management, 29(3), 351-378.

    Banu, on behalf of the editorial team of Dev Dutta, Vishal Gupta, Grace Guo, Golshan Javidan, and Arturo Osorio

    Banu Ozkazanc-Pan
    Visiting Associate Professor of Sociology, Brown University
    Associate Professor of Management, UMass Boston