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Call for book Chapters (Springer) - The international dimension of entrepreneurial decision making: cultures, contexts, and behaviours

  • 1.  Call for book Chapters (Springer) - The international dimension of entrepreneurial decision making: cultures, contexts, and behaviours

    Posted 05-28-2020 09:18
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    Call for book Chapters


    The international dimension of entrepreneurial decision making: cultures, contexts, and behaviours


    Edited book to be published by Springer


    Editors: Andrea Caputo, Massimiliano M. Pellegrini, Marina Dabić, Léo-Paul Dana


    Submission deadline: 30th June 2020

    Expected publication: 2021


    Understanding the international behaviours of SMEs, entrepreneurial ventures, and entrepreneurs has long been of interest by management scholars. Several studies, tend to focalise on firm-level characteristics to unveil the strategic pathways of internationalisation of SMEs (Perks, & Hughes, 2008; Dana et al., 2009; Caputo et al., 2016; Dabic et al., 2019).

    Dabic and colleagues (2019), reviewing the literature on internationalisation of SMEs, have identified a number of future research directions aimed at filling the research gaps in the field. This call for chapters is aimed at contributing to fill such gaps, by seeking contributions from international business and entrepreneurship scholars interested in investigating the decision-making and behavioural aspect of internationalisation.

    Indeed, decision-making processes affect all aspects of business at every stage of their development. Making decisions are well-established topics of interest in many fields, including management, marketing (Crick et al., 2018), psychology, sociology, sustainability (DiVito, & Bohnsack, 2017), ethics (McVea, 2009), methodology (Lohrke et al., 2018), and political science, to name a few (e.g., Gilovich & Griffin, 2010). However, entrepreneurs and their counterparts in international settings, compared to non-entrepreneurial roles, face conditions of high uncertainty, ambiguity, time pressure, emotional intensity, and high risk when making decisions (Townsend et al., 2018; Caputo & Pellegrini, 2019).

    We call for scholars to submit empirical, theoretical and review papers, which try to bridge the literature on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial, and innovative behaviours with decision making and negotiation.


    In particular, focusing on start-ups, SMEs or other forms of international entrepreneurial ventures, we propose (but not limit to) the following subject areas that deserve research attention:

    • How international strategies are developed and implemented
    • International decision-making processes, characteristics and differences
    • Entrepreneurial Emotions, Passion and Trust in the international markets
    • Entrepreneurial Cognition and internationalisation
    • Sustainable behaviours in international markets
    • International social entrepreneurship
    • The role of human capital for successful internationalisation
    • Talent management and internationalisation
    • International negotiations
    • Knowledge management and internationalisation
    • Microfoundations of international capabilities
    • Innovative research methods in international entrepreneurship
    • Uncertainty, risk and decisions
    • Entrepreneurial opportunity decisions and cognitive skills.


    This call for chapters will be linked to the ST03_03 Entrepreneurial decision making and behaviour track at the European Academy of Management (EURAM) Annual Conference 2020.

    Contributors to the conference will be invited to submit a revised manuscript to the book, however the call for chapters will be widely publicised beyond that conference.

    Interested contributors are invited to submit a brief chapter proposal to the editors before the submission of the full chapter.

    Fast-track and preferential access to the edited book will be given to authors submitting a chapter proposal and/or contributors to the European Academy of Management Conference 2020 (http://www.euramonline.org/annual-conference-2020.html).

     Chapters must be original and comply with Springer's submissions guidelines. In particular:

    • All chapters will undergo a double-blind peer-review process and checked with softwares for plagiarism. 
    • The chapters should be written in a book style (as against journal-style).
    • The chapters should not be under consideration or published elsewhere (including journals, other books).
    • If any third-party material is used, then appropriate permissions need to be sourced by the authors themselves.
    • Language proof-reading of individual chapters is the responsibility of the authors.


    Please send the book chapter proposals and/or manuscript to all of the editors:

    Andrea Caputo, University of Lincoln (UK) acaputo@lincoln.ac.uk

    Massimiliano M. Pellegrini, University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy) massimiliano.pellegrini@uniroma2.it

    Marina Dabić, University of Zagreb (Croatia) and Nottingham-Trent University (UK) mdabic@net.efzg.hr

    Léo-Paul Dana, Montpellier Business School (France) lp.dana@Montpellier-BS.com




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    Andrea Caputo
    University of Lincoln