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Call for Papers 4PDS - 4th Paper Development Seminar "Entrepreneurship Process Research"

  • 1.  Call for Papers 4PDS - 4th Paper Development Seminar "Entrepreneurship Process Research"

    Posted 11-26-2020 08:08
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    http://www.esu-network.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Emblema_Universidad_de_Sevilla-2-150x133.png 150w" sizes="(max-width: 135px) 100vw, 135px" /> http://www.esu-network.eu/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/SAMS-logo-450x302.jpg 450w, http://www.esu-network.eu/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/SAMS-logo-150x101.jpg 150w, http://www.esu-network.eu/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/SAMS-logo.jpg 564w" sizes="(max-width: 212px) 100vw, 212px" />4 Paper Development Seminar

    Virtual, 2021

    April 26th – 27th, 2021. Universidad de Sevilla, Spain


    Call for papers / proposals: "Entrepreneurship Process Research"


    This 4th edition of the Paper Development Seminar (4PDS) will be held virtually in April 2021.

    Last year, due to the covid-19, the 2-day sessions in Seville had to be cancelled. Nevertheless, the participants submitted their papers/proposals and had their feedback from our experts.

    This year, we have decided to organize the 4PDS completely online.

    Papers / proposals applying a process perspective to entrepreneurship are welcome. We are open to any contributions analysing the entrepreneurial process, may they be conceptual or empirical and, in this latter case, using quantitative (ideally longitudinal, but also cross-sectional) and/or qualitative methods.

    Submissions will be peer reviewed. Those deemed of highest potential by the organizing committee will be invited to participate. Selected participants will be offered the opportunity to submit a full paper (if they did not do so initially). Extended abstracts may also be presented at the seminar. The objective is to develop a productive and intimate work environment. For this reason, we will limit the number of proposals/papers to be presented, to a maximum of 20.

    * * * * *


    The Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS) is the main sponsor of the 4th Paper Development Seminar. The SAMS publishes the top-ranked Journal of Management Studies (JMS). More information on the aims and activities of the SAMS may be found on its web page: http://www.socadms.org.uk/

    http://www.esu-network.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/ECSB_logo_and_full_name_no_background-1024x518.png 1024w, http://www.esu-network.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/ECSB_logo_and_full_name_no_background-768x389.png 768w, http://www.esu-network.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/ECSB_logo_and_full_name_no_background-1536x777.png 1536w, http://www.esu-network.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/ECSB_logo_and_full_name_no_background-2048x1036.png 2048w, http://www.esu-network.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/ECSB_logo_and_full_name_no_background-450x228.png 450w, http://www.esu-network.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/ECSB_logo_and_full_name_no_background-150x76.png 150w" sizes="(max-width: 211px) 100vw, 211px" />The European Council for Small Business (ECSB) supports the 4th Paper Development Seminar in Entrepreneurship Process Research as a co-branded event. The ECSB will award a free one-year membership to the presenting author of the best paper/proposal presented at the 4PDS as well as a fast track submission to the RENT2021 Conference.

    The following units from the University of Seville also collaborate in organizing this seminar:


    Invited speakers

    We are honoured to have the participation of the following academics (in alphabetical order).

    Alistair Anderson is a Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Lancaster University Management School. He is Invited Professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences · Rural Enterprise Group (Uppsala, Sweden). He has also been professor of entrepreneurship at the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen Business School (Aberdeen, UK). Prof. Anderson is the Editor in Chief of the journal Entrepreneurship & Regional Development.
    Robert Blackburn is Professor at the University of Liverpool. He is appointed Chair of the sub-panel Unit of Assessment 17 (Business and Management) in the Research Excellence Framework (REF 2021). Prof. Blackburn is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Small Business Journal: Researching Entrepreneurship.
    Ulla Hytti is Professor of Entrepreneurship at School of Economics, University of Turku (Finland). She is a President-elect of the European Council for Small Business (ECSB), and Associate Editor in the Journal of Small Business Management and Research Editor in the Entrepreneurship Education & Pedagogy (starting in January 2021).
    Ute Stephan is Professor of Entrepreneurship at the King's Business School, King's College London; and Honorary Professor at Aston University. She is Visiting Senior Researcher at the Department of Managerial Economics, Strategy and Innovation (MSI), KU Leuven. She is also editor in the journal Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
    Johan Wiklund is Chair and Al Berg Professor at the Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University, as well as second professor at Nord University, Norway and Visiting Professor at Lund University, Sweden. He is the Editor in Chief of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.

    Submission instructions

    The deadline for the submission of papers / proposals is January 31st, 2021. There is no specific format or template to follow. However, in the case of proposals, a minimum of 1500 words is required, including aims, theoretical framework, methodology and findings (if applicable), implications and contribution. Submissions will be made by email to entrepreneurs@us.es

    The proposals will be evaluated by the organizing committee with the help of external reviewers, if needed. On February 15th, 2021, decision letters will be sent to submitting authors.

    Authors of the accepted papers / proposals are encouraged to submit a more developed version by March 31st, 2021, although this is not required. The papers/proposals will be presented orally by the authors in the allocated time, followed by some time for Q&A.

    All submissions will be presented to the audience and the invited speakers. The authors will receive general comments, specific clarifications and suggestions from the academics that make up the panel of experts in entrepreneurship. This highly qualified feedback will allow authors to improve their manuscripts in order to getting published in top academic journals in the field of entrepreneurship.



    Given the virtual format of this seminar, and thanks to the generous support of the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS), the registration is free of charge for the authors of accepted submissions.


    Seminar Programme

    Monday April 26th, 2020

    9.00-  9.30 Opening session

    9.30-11.00 Plenary session: The future of entrepreneurship research. Profs. Ute Stephan & Johan Wiklund

    11.30-13.00 Participants' presentations

    14.00-15.30 Participants' presentations

    16.00-17.00 Round table: Should we target a journal when planning a paper? Suitability and journal ranking. Profs. Anderson, Blackburn, Hytti, Stephan and Wiklund

    Tuesday April 27th, 2020

    9.00-10.30 Plenary session: Writing and publishing a good qualitative paper about entrepreneurial processes. Profs. Alistair Anderson & Ulla Hytti

    11.00-12.00 Participants' presentations

    12.00-13.00 Plenary session: Unpacking Research Excellence: what is excellence and what makes an excellent researcher? Prof. Robert Blackburn

    14.00-15.30 Participants' presentations

    16.00-17.00 Round table: What to do after a rejection. Profs. Anderson, Blackburn, Hytti, Stephan and Wiklund

    17.00-17.30 Closing up and Best Paper Award ceremony


    Organizing Committee

    Francisco Liñán, Universidad de Sevilla (Chair)

    José Fernández-Serrano, Universidad de Sevilla

    Inmaculada Jaén, Universidad de Sevilla

    Pedro Baena-Luna, Universidad de Sevilla


    For any questions regarding the seminar organization, please contact: entrepreneurs@us.es

    Francisco Liñán
    Full Professor
    U. de Sevilla
    Sevilla Spain


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    Posted 01-08-2021 12:26
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    Dear Entrepreneurship division members,
    This is just a reminder that the deadline for submission to the 4PDS on Entrepreneurship Process Research is January 31st, 2021.
    Please consider submitting your work to this seminar for valuable feedback.
    Additionally, please circulate through your networks and to anyone you think may be interested.
    Link: http://www.esu-network.eu/uncategorized/4pds-2021-virtual/ 
    Best regards,

    Francisco Liñán

    Full Professor in Entrepreneurship, Universidad de Sevilla.

    Vice-Dean for Research and Entrepreneurship. Facultad de CC. Económicas y Empresariales.





    Research ID: E-9576-2010

    ORCID: 0000-0001-6212-1375

    Francisco Liñán
    Associate Professor
    U. de Sevilla
    Sevilla Spain


    4PDS_leaflet.pdf   311 KB 1 version