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ASQ December issue

  • 1.  ASQ December issue

    Posted 11-10-2020 21:33

    Administrative Science Quarterly Online Table of Contents Alert

    The December 2020 issue of Administrative Science Quarterly is available online:

    Vol. 65, No. 4


    This is my final issue as ASQ's editor. I am pleased with how the journal has grown during my time in this role and proud of the diversity of subject matter and methods reflected on our pages. Of course, a journal is irrelevant if it doesn't have a robust community of authors, editors, reviewers, and readers; ASQ is very lucky to have exactly that. I thank you for being part of that community, and I know you will continue to support this journal as Christine Beckman brings her expertise and creativity to the editor role starting in January.



    Examining Anger's Immobilizing Effect on Institutional Insiders' Action Intentions in Social Movements

    Katherine A. DeCelles, Scott Sonenshein, and Brayden G. King

    Anger can be a motivating force for action-but not always. For social movement activists inside a targeted organization, the anger that motivates them in the outside world can turn to fear that dampens their collective action.

    Blog post is here


    Dual Networking: How Collaborators Network in Their Quest for Innovation

    Anne L. J. Ter Wal, Paola Criscuolo, Bill McEvily, and Ammon Salter

    Want to know exactly what networks are the most effective for spurring innovation? Of course you do! This study has compelling answers.

    Blog post is here


    Inhabited Ecosystems: Propelling Transformative Social Change Between and Through Organizations

    Rich DeJordy, Maureen Scully, Marc J. Ventresca, and W. E. Douglas Creed

    Social movement organizations influence each other both when they succeed and when they don't. This article explores how that influence happens and why having some obstacles may be more helpful for activists than wins that come too early and too easily.

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    Tie Dissolution in Market Networks: A Theory of Vicarious Performance Feedback

    David R. Clough and Henning Piezunka

    You like fast cars? We've got fast cars. This study of Formula One racing explores how competitors' performance affects an organization's decision to stay with a supplier or go with someone new.

    Blog post is here


    Job Turf or Variety: Task Structure as a Source of Organizational Inequality

    Nathan Wilmers

    If you don't get paid as much as your coworker, try to stake out your turf-job turf, that is. As firms increase job specialization and decrease the variety of tasks each worker does, that may erode or enhance someone's value. The key is to have a specialized job that no one else is doing.

    Blog post is here


    From Face Time to Flex Time: The Role of Physical Space in Worker Temporal Flexibility

    Leroy Gonsalves

    Waaaay back a year ago when we worked in offices, many companies had flex-time policies that employees didn't use. The layout of the office space may have been to blame, with cubicles (again!) being the main culprit.

    Blog post is here


    State Agency Discretion and Entrepreneurship in Regulated Markets

    Jake B. Grandy and Shon R. Hiatt

    Influence over legislators is a powerful tool for large established firms. Helping them create legislation that is unhelpful for new firms is what established firms do. Entrepreneurs need a helping hand in such an environment, and that help often comes from regulators: people who interpret what the legislation looks like in practice.

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    Book Reviews

    Online at http://journals.sagepub.com/home/asq


    Book Review Essay: Nostalgia and Defiance on the Frontlines of the War on Work

    David L. Blustein: The Importance of Work in an Age of Uncertainty: The Eroding Work Experience in America

    Gianpiero Petriglieri


    Eitan Y. Wilf: Creativity on Demand: The Dilemmas of Innovation in an Accelerated Age

    Robert J. David


    Sarah Kaplan: The 360° Corporation: From Stakeholder Trade-offs to Transformation

    Jeffrey G. York


    Many articles are featured on my blog site Organizational Musings, and our student-run ASQ Blog features interviews with ASQ authors that offer insights into the research and writing process. To stay informed, connect with ASQ on social media: follow us on Twitter (@ASQJournal), like us on Facebook, and follow us on LinkedIn.


    Henrich R. Greve, INSEAD

    Editor, Administrative Science Quarterly

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    Posted 11-12-2020 09:48
    Thanks for your amazing work Prof. Henrich. What you have done it INCREDIBLE!!!

    Hansen Zhang
    Washington D.C. DC