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Free Virtual Conference on November 16/17 – Keynotes by P. Sharma / D. Audretsch / H. Krcmar / C. Günther

  • 1.  Free Virtual Conference on November 16/17 – Keynotes by P. Sharma / D. Audretsch / H. Krcmar / C. Günther

    Posted 11-09-2020 09:52
    Dear friends of family firms, entrepreneurship and strategic management,

    Together with the fellow co-organizing track chairs (Profs. Rodrigo Basco, Jörn Block, Andrea Calabrò, Torsten Pieper, Allan Discua Cruz, Sibylle Heilbrunn, Erik Lehmann, Lech Suwala, and many more) it is our pleasure to invite you to join us at the biennial research conference "Exploring Entrepreneurial Ventures, Family Firms, and Hidden Champions" which will be held digitally on November 16th/17th 2020.

    In its sixth edition, the conference aims to serve as a distinguished platform for developing its 50 accepted academic articles in a friendly environment as well as for academic networking. The conference's seven tracks are connected to various disciplines such as business studies, sociology, psychology, information systems, geography, and history.

    In addition, there will be two moderated panel discussions as keynote events. One about "the future" with thought-leading scholars (Profs. Pramodita Sharma, Christina Günther, David Audretsch, and Helmut Krcmar) and another with CEOs from German hidden champions. Moreover, there is a meeting with editors/SI-editors of the field's leading journals such as JFBS, ET&P, SMJ, EJFB, JBE, MRQ and ZfW – German Journal of Economic Geography as well as an introduction to the STEP program. Two special issues are linked to the conference (JFBS & ZfW).

    Furthermore, for there will be plenty of room to network digitally during virtual social evening events including a quiz show, a cocktail challenge, a digital escape room networking event and the broadcast of an e-sports friendly university vs. university match that is held uniquely for the conference!

    150 family business researchers and advisers already joined the event. Registration is open until November 14th, 2020 via:

    The full preliminary program can be accessed here:
    http://www.forum-mittelstandsforschung.de/?page_id=77 .

    Conference registration is free/there are no participant fees due to state support creating an opportunity for us all to exchange and learn more about family firms, entrepreneurs, and the strategies of Hidden Champions.

    All the best wishes,
    Jan-Philipp Ahrens, Baris Istipliler, Marc Kowalzick, Maren Rottler

    University of Mannheim

    Maren Rottler
    University of Mannheim