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Comics on social entrepreneurship

  • 1.  Comics on social entrepreneurship

    Posted 04-19-2021 12:17

    Dear AoM Entrepreneurship Friends

    I am grateful that our comics have finally been published and available in major portals. They are (hopefully) the first comics on social entrepreneurship. (And thanks to Simon Teasdale, Laurie Mook and others for endorsing them).

    The comics are useful as learning materials if you teach courses related to social entrepreneurship/social innovation. Kindly recommend them to your networks and university libraries too.

    The comics can be used in a "descriptive" manner to explain key concepts and principles in social entrepreneurship, including but not limited to: opportunity identification/creation (from problems to opportunity), bricolage for resource mobilization, empowerment/emancipation, evidence-based decision making in social ventures, marketing issues in social entrepreneurship. Or for more advanced learners it can be used for "What-If" scenario thinking that puts learners at the shoes of the comic characters and used as a lively class discussion to solve the problems faced by the social entrepreneurs and their team in each story.

    The comics contains rich visuals and light text (not typical textbooks with some visual illustration). The comics won't happen without collaboration with artistic talents including a team of young comic artists and an arts professor who used to work for Pixar Animation (where he developed the lovely animals for Pixar).

    The e-comics are now available via Google Play. Some sample pages can be seen in each comic below by clicking the blue button "Free Sample".





    We are still in the process of making them available as e-books in Amazon.com and Apple Store (Android) platforms. If they are available I will inform you. If you need more information, please feel free to contact me via email at: yanto.chandra@polyu.edu.hk

    Thank you so much.


    Best wishes,

    Yanto Chandra

    Associate Professor, Department of Applied Social Sciences

    Director, Centre for Social Policy and Social Entrepreneurship (CSPSE)

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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