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JOM - 2021 Scholarly Impact Award

  • 1.  JOM - 2021 Scholarly Impact Award

    Posted 26 days ago
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    August 31, 2021 – The Journal of Management is pleased to announce the winner and nominees for the 2021 Scholarly Impact Award. Candidates for the Scholarly Impact award include articles published five years ago that have had the greatest impact on the field. There are a variety of criteria we evaluate when determining the winner. These include the extent to which the article changed our way of thinking, how the article added to what we know, and the reach the article has had in terms of affecting ongoing work in the field.

    The candidates for this award were all published in 2016 in the Journal of Management. Each one has had a far-reaching impact on scholarly work. They engender a mix of review and regular submission papers focused on both micro and macro topics.

    The WINNER of the 2021 Scholarly Impact Award is:

    Contemplating Mindfulness at Work: An Integrative Review
    Good, Lyddy, Glomb, Bono, Brown, Duffy, Baer, Brewer, & Lazar

    The NOMINEES are as follows:

    Why Entrepreneurs Often Experience Low, Not High, Levels of Stress: The Joint Effects of Selection and Psychological Capital
    Baron, Franklin, & Hmieleski

    A Review of the Nonmarket Strategy Literature: Toward a Multi-Theoretical Integration
    Mellahi, Frynas, Sun, & Siegel

    Organizations Driving Positive Social Change: A Review and an Integrative Framework of Change Processes
    Stephan, Patterson, Kelly, & Mair

    Not So Subtle: A Meta-Analytic Investigation of the Correlates of Subtle and Overt Discrimination
    Jones, Peddie, Gilrane, King, & Gray

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