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    Posted 05-09-2019 11:57



    Organizer: Ines Alegre, IESE Business School

    Organizer: Thomas Houston Allison, Texas Christian U.

    Panelist: Lowell Busenitz, U. of Oklahoma

    Organizer: Magdalena Cholakova, Erasmus U. Rotterdam

    Organizer: Christopher Courtney, U. of Richmond

    Panelist: Gary Dushnitsky, London Business School

    Panelist: Christina Guenther, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management

    Panelist: Keith Hmieleski, Texas Christian U.

    Panelist: Venkat Kuppuswamy, Northeastern U.

    Panelist: Yong Li, U. of Nevada Las Vegas

    Panelist: Markku Maula, Aalto U.

    Panelist: Maija Renko, U. of Illinois at Chicago

    Panelist: Justin Wolfgang Webb, U. of North Carolina, Charlotte 


    We will be hosting a PDW on Crowdfunding at AOM in Boston. The PDW is scheduled for Saturday, Aug 10 2019, 11:15AM - 1:15PM at Boston Marriott Copley Place / Provincetown.

    Goals of the PDW

    As the field of crowdfunding research is maturing, this workshop offers an opportunity for interested researchers to come together and take stock of the current theoretical developments created so far and discuss ways of moving forward. This PDW builds on the premise that, as with any emerging field, some of the earliest research on crowdfunding has been mostly phenomenon-driven, and given the exponential growth in the interest in the subject, the challenge of systematic theory building confronts everyone interested in contributing to the field. Crowdfunding research is an increasingly multi-disciplinary, highly international endeavor, which draws scholars from across the Academy. Therefore, we have invited a panel of experts who can bring in diverse expertise and provide targeted, developmental feedback on proposal submissions.

    The purpose of this PDW is to establish a collegial, developmental forum, where people can discuss and seek advice, both on their already advanced ideas, as well as on emerging projects. Second, this workshop makes accessible experts' experiences in publishing in the field across diverse theoretical perspectives. Thus, all attendees would be able to benefit not only from discussing the latest directions in developing theory from crowdfunding research, but also from receiving advice for navigating the peer review process.


    Format of the PDW

    Part 1: Paper Development Workshop (60 minutes): Prior to the conference, researchers willing to participate in the PDW will be asked to send a 1-page summary of a crowdfunding paper they are working on at the moment and of which they would like to reinforce the theoretical contribution. The organizers will carefully read the documents and group them according to the theoretical perspective. These groups will be useful for the face-to-face first part of the PDW. This part of the PDW is restricted to those participants that have sent a draft beforehand. Participants will be grouped according to their theoretical perspective and will profit from the feedback and recommendations of a renowned researcher that would have already read their research summaries. Participants will also benefit from each other's perspectives and suggestions.

    Part 2: Developing Theory from Crowdfunding (60 minutes): This part will be open to all session participants regardless of whether they submitted a draft on their research or not. This part will consist of a panel discussion with the organizers and the audience.

    To participate in the Paper Development Workshop, Participants can register by sending a one-page paper proposal outlining the proposed study to the organizers (email to: pdwcrowdfunding@gmail.com) by July 15, 2019. Please ensure that the paper is:

    • max 1 page all-inclusive,
    • plus a title page (NOT included in the 1 page maximum) with author(s), affiliations, contact details,
    • in Word or PDF format.

    Submit one-page paper proposals for the paper development workshop to pdwcrowdfunding@gmail.com by 15 July.

    Tom Allison
    Texas Christian University