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Then and Now: Entrepreneurial Orientation (8/12, 8 am)

  • 1.  Then and Now: Entrepreneurial Orientation (8/12, 8 am)

    Posted 08-07-2019 10:55
    Dear All,

    Just a brief note that there will be a session exploring 'Then and Now: Entrepreneurial Orientation' with presenters Danny Miller, Tom Lumpkin, Johan Wiklund, and William Wales occurring at 8 am on Monday August 12th in the Fairmont Copley Plaza's Venetian Room during this years Community of Academy Senior Scholars (CASS) session. Please join the session, all are welcome.

    Scheduled: Monday, Aug 12 2019 8:00AM - 11:00AM at The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Venetian Room
    Community of Academy Senior Scholars (CASS)
    Community of Academy Senior Scholars (CASS)

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    Then and Now: Entrepreneurial Orientation

    Over the years, the management field has had many important contributors to its theoretical development and practical application of major concepts. As a relatively young academic discipline, we have the good fortune to have access to many of those pioneers who are responsible for its foundation, history, and evolution. The "Then and Now" program actively involves these people and provides a forum to engage with those who are following in their footsteps. This session represents a cross-section of researchers at different stages of their careers, and follows foundational concepts across generations of scholars, decades of time, and divisions of the Academy.

    This year's "Then and Now" session focuses on Entrepreneurial Orientation. The "Then" panelist, Dr. Danny Miller, will present the history and evolution of his research on the strategic posture of organizations known as Entrepreneurial Orientation. This literature has grown exponentially over the past three decades, largely influenced by the works of Dr. Miller.

    Drs. Tom Lumpkin and Johan Wiklund will be representing a "Between" generations perspective, sharing how their past and current work on Entrepreneurial Orientation helped guide researchers, particularly since Dr. Lumpkin's seminal piece in AMR in 1996. Dr. Wiklund, also spanning generations, will discuss how his research has impacted the development of EO.

    The "Now" panelist, Dr. William Wales, who is expanding work on EO and personality (Narcissism), IPOs, and international business, will describe how his recent research on EO has evolved from the original body of work, and where it is likely to go next.

    The session concludes with audience discussion.


    Bill Wales, Ph.D.
    Standish Associate Professor
    School of Business
    University at Albany