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Register for "We Got By with a Little Help: Recent Perspectives on the Academic Job Market"

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    Posted 07-21-2020 13:10

    Now more than ever, the academic job market is mysterious, stressful, and different for every applicant. To provide recent insight into previous academic job market cycles, we bring together faculty members who were on the 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 job market.

    The purpose of this PDW is to provide an inclusive, informative, and applicable session for those who are (or are soon to be) on the academic job market. While 2020-2021 applicants will be prioritized for inclusion in this session, others who are not yet on the market are encouraged to apply to attend as information in this session is likely to be useful for mid-stage students as well. This PDW is meant to facilitate a discussion to address important dimensions of the job market honestly, encourage dialogue, and increase the efficacy of participants. This will assist job candidates by providing the tools they may need to showcase the best version of themselves on the market.

    This session will be offered on August 9th, 2020 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM EST as a synchronous "Real-time Open" session.


    This PDW will be organized into two parts

    1. Presentations: Incoming second year faculty that were on the market during the 2018-2019 job market cycle (4:05-4:50)

    Five of our session contributors will give short presentations on some of the broader areas of the academic job market including the application process, the first interview, follow up interviews, the fly out, and the negotiation process.


    1. Roundtables: 2019-2020 job market participants will lead roundtables to share their insights on the following six topics (5:00-6:00)
    i) Mental health on the job market, social support, and managing expectations
    ii) The academic job market as a non-U.S. Ph.D. student
    iii) Backup plans and dual career situations
    iv) Logistics for the campus visit (scheduling, payment, reimbursement)
    v) Managing productivity while on the market
    vi) Specific components of the academic job market package


    Session Contributors

    Organizer: David F. Arena, U. of Texas At Arlington

    Organizer: Karen Landay, U of Missouri-Kansas City

    Speaker: Christine Nittrouer, U. of Houston-Downtown

    Speaker: Rebecca M. Paluch, U. of British Columbia

    Speaker: Tessa Recendes, Penn State

    Speaker: Shane Reid, Louisiana State U.

    Moderator: Grant Brady, California State East Bay

    Moderator: Jacquelyn Brady, San Jose State U.

    Moderator: Kris Irwin, Old Dominion

    Moderator: Ronei Da Silva Leonel, U. of Memphis

    Moderator: Lori Leigh Tribble – Clemson


    Pre-registration for this PDW is required. The deadline to register is July 31, 2020. Participants will be accepted into this PDW on a rolling basis, so earlier applications are encouraged. To facilitate interaction between speakers and participants, we are limiting the number of registrants to 50. To apply, please submit the following information to organizer David Arena (davefarena@gmail.com):

    • Please rank order the six roundtables above to your preference. All participants will have the opportunity to participate in three of the six roundtables (each are 20 minutes in length). As we cannot guarantee everyone will get their first three choices, we ask you rank order all of the roundtables.
    • Please tell us your:
      • Name
      • Institution
      • Year in your program
      • Job market status (whether you are on the market this year or next)
      • An email address of your choice
      • Your primary AOM division
      • A brief summary of your research interests

    We expect to notify participants of their roundtable selection decisions by August 5th, 2020.

    Ronei Leonel
    University of Memphis