Countinuity Council Activities in 2018

By Carlo Salvato

Dear ENT Members,

As a current member of ENT Continuity Council and the former Chair of the Division, I have the honor of working with three other Past Chairs to accomplish the main goal of the committee, which is to advise, assist, and enhance the performance of the Division by supporting current leadership.

In 2018, members of the Continuity Council offered individual leadership counsel to the Division’s officers, in particular by orienting new leaders who first joined the officer positions. This was done informally at the annual meeting and online throughout the year. Members of the Continuity Council also represent the institutional memory of the Division, helping current leaders retrieve past decisions and their rationale when issues were discussed at executive meetings. Finally, the Continuity Council assumes special projects as assigned by the Division Chair. In 2018, in particular, the Continuity Council was assigned with the task to devise effective ways to keep past winners of some of the Division’s awards involved and committed to the Division’s mission and goals. The first activity is planned for the 2019 annual meeting in Boston in relation to the winners of the prestigious Heizer dissertation award. More information will be disclosed later when the 2019 annual meeting is approaching.

Committee members

Committee Chair:
Carlo Salvato